Jasmine Walker, a survivor.  She is self-confident, fearless, a born leader and a fly innovator.

Strength: Jasmine is a woman that grew up in South Central Los Angeles across the street from the train tracks, living through a drug epidemic (crack cocaine), watching gang wars and witnessing the Los Angeles Riots. On multiple occasions, she and her siblings woke up hungry with no food to eat; as adversity stood in their way, her inner strength was channeled as motivation to survive another day.

Evolution: As Jasmine’s life evolved, she never took for granted her upbringing, and embraced life’s experiences with the attitude that happiness lies within your own hands; she will not be hopeless. She went on to receive higher education which would afford her to give back.

Inspiration: Jasmine has traveled the world and has seen many places and on one of her many journey’s across the pond - South Central Girl Co. was conceived. South Central Girl is synonymous with Los Angeles. To some, it’s the “nine double o – four three (90043) zip code, 213 area code -a place of despair. To her, it’s ground zero - where some of the most iconic people have lived, and for that, she is very proud. Instead of making 90210 famous, it’s time to make 90043 quintessential.

South Central Girl Co.